Easter Tournament

Information regarding 2024 Easter Tournament.

Entries will only be taken by an online entry on the Tennis Australia tournament site.

There will be 2 events called MLTC Senior tournament and MLTC Junior tournament. Juniors wishing to play in Senior Grade events will need to enter on both sites. Information is already posted on the TA website about the Senior Grade events. More information regarding the online site will be posted soon.

Please refer to the entry conditions below

The tournament will be conducted under the rules of tennis and the code of conduct approved by Tennis Australia. The committee shall have the entire management of the Tournament and make alterations it considers necessary.
Entry fees must accompany your entry. Refunds cannot be given for withdrawals after the 15 March 2024.
A timetable will be used for all of the tournament. Players who do not report at the required time will be scratched. Players must report to the Tournament room 15 minutes prior to their advertised game time. The timetable will be available on the Tennis Tournament Australia website and on our website by 8.00pm the night before the day’s play :
Regulation tennis attire must be worn. Ripple sole shoes are not
acceptable on the grass courts.
The Tournament Committee reserves the right to re-grade a player at
any time. Previous year’s winners are expected to enter a higher grade.
Dispute on any point shall be submitted to the Referee or court supervisor. The Referee or the Tournament Director shall have the
power to appoint a deputy.
Open Singles matches: to be 8 games sets (tie-break at 7 all). Grade
Singles and Doubles to be 7 game sets, (tie-break at 6 all). Junior Singles and Doubles will play a 6 game set, tiebreak at 5 games all.
Sudden Death Deuce is played in all matches.
Senior Singles draws are knockout. Senior Doubles and Mixed will be
round robin then knockout. Junior Singles and Doubles will be round
robin then knockout.
ALL PLAYERS: The following limitations apply: Players may enter a maximum of 4 events.
Mixed doubles pairs will generally be graded at the strength of the
strongest partner.
D Grade singles players may NOT enter any other graded Senior
Singles events.
Players may only play in ONE Mixed event.
Previous winners of the Open singles ( from 2010 to 2023) are not
allowed to play lower grade singles.
Last year’s A, B, C and D grade winning singles and doubles
combinations must enter into a higher grade or not contest that
A player may only enter in consecutive grades; Open + A, or A + B, or  B + C or C + D
You may enter with a different partner in each of your Doubles events.
D grade singles, D grade doubles and D Grade mixed doubles events are designed for novice players who do not play regular tennis.
D grade players may enter C grade Doubles  
Veteran’s Doubles: Both players must be 40 as at 31 March 2024
Legends Doubles: The combined age of both players must exceed 110 as at 31 March 2024
May play two Doubles ( 2 junior Doubles or one Junior Doubles and one Senior Doubles )
May play two Singles ( 2 junior events or 1 junior and 1 senior event )
Junior events will be played at the R.C. McNamara reserve hard courts, which are 800m from the grass courts.
Entries for Combined 10 & under Doubles are taken on an INDIVIDUAL basis. Players will be paired up with different partners during the round robin.
Juniors: Age is taken at the 31 March 2024.
CANCELLATION: The Committee reserves the right to cancel any event or make alterations it deems necessary if the entry numbers are
considered insufficient.

Easter 24 dates are Friday 29 March to Monday 1 April ( all day light saving days ).

It is anticipated that entries will open on Sunday 4 February 2024.

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