Easter Tournament


Myrtleford Lawn Tennis Club Easter Tournament is the highlight of our Tennis Season. The competition attracts hundreds of tennis players from around Australia.



Junior entries are still being taken.



For 2018 we have regraded all events to

Open, A Grade, B Grade, C Grade and D Grade. These replace the original A, B, C and D and players entries will need to take this into account when entering.

For example: if you entered B and C Singles in 2017 you would play A and B Singles in 2018.

New events for 2018 are Men’s D Singles, Men’s D Doubles, Women’s D Doubles and D Mixed.  These events have been introduced to cater for the lower level and social players who are unable to be competitive at the C grade level. The Tournament committee will be looking at past results when accepting entries. Players may be regraded if they do not meet the requirements listed above.

Women’s and Men’s Legends events now has a combined age of both players that must exceed or equal 110 years.

The Tournament conditions for 2018 are available.     click here

The entry form has been made easier to use and will be available on Wednesday 31 January 2018


2018 Easter Entry form    click here        SENIOR ENTRIES CLOSED 8.30am Monday 5 February.

Junior entries are STILL OPEN

Please print and read the Front page and Conditions of Competition. The entry form can be downloaded

All entries received by E mail will be acknowledged by return E mail within 24 hours of the E mail being received. If this does not happen please contact Peter by E mail.  Check your spam / junk folder first


In 2018 year players can access the timetables from our website and our Facebook page Like us first though

Friday Grass Court Timetable of matches   2017       Click here

Friday Hard court timetable of matches ( Juniors )  2017   click here

Saturday Grass court timetable of matches 2017    Click here

Saturday Hard court timetable of matches ( Junior ) 2017        click here

Sunday Grass court timetable of matches 2017        Click here

Monday Grass court timetable of matches 2017       click here

Monday Junior Mixed at the HARDCOURTS timetable of matches 2017    click here

 Proposed 2018 Finals schedule ( weather and player clash dependant )

Women’s A Singles,

Women’s B Singles,

Women’s C Singles,

Women’s D Singles,

Men’s A Grade Doubles,

Women’s B Doubles,

Men’s B Doubles

Women’s C Doubles,

Men’s C Doubles,

Women’s D Doubles,

Men’s D Doubles,

Women’s Veterans

Men’s Veterans Doubles,

Women’s Legends Doubles,

Men’s Legends Doubles,

A Mixed,  B, C, D 13, & 16 Mixed

All Junior Singles finals,

All Junior Doubles finals,

Player Information   2018

  • A timetable is used for all 4 days of the tournament.
  • Players are required to report to the Tournament room 15 minutes prior to their advertised playing time ( with their playing equipment ) and remain in the vicinity of the clubhouse. Players run the risk of being forfeited from that match if not on time.
  • Once players have been given an allocated court and playing slip they are required to wait behind that court and be ready to move onto the court as the preceding match players shake hands.
  • Players are asked to warm up, stretch etc before going onto the court.
  • Hit up time is only 5 minutes and the referees will instruct players to start if slow to do so. This applies to all grades.
  • Match lengths:


1st ,2rd and 3rd round singles: First to 7, tie break at 6 all and SUDDEN DEATH DEUCE ,

Quarter  finals, semi-finals and finals are first to 8 games, tie break at 7 all and SUDDEN DEATH DEUCE.

Doubles and Mixed

Women’s and Men’s Doubles: First to 7 games, tie break at 6 all and SUDDEN DEATH DEUCE

Mixed Pool matches: First to 6 games, tie break at 5 all and SUDDEN DEATH DEUCE.

Mixed Knockout matches: First to 7 games, tie break at 6 all and SUDDEN DEATH DEUCE

  • The winning player is required to return the balls and completed playing slip immediately after the match to the Tournament room.
  • Singles knockout draws, Doubles round robin draws and playing conditions can be found in the clubhouse on the notice board.
  • There will always be 2 tournament referees on duty at the grass courts and 1 referee on duty at the hardcourts. If a dispute arises, players must call for a referee.
  • The timetable of matches for the current day can be found on the Clubhouse front window.
  • The timetable for the next day’s play will be on the club’s website( www.myrtlefordtennis.com.au ) by 8.00pm

Holiday Accommodations

A family have recently purchased a home in Myrtleford which will be rented out as a holiday let.  The house is 4 bedrooms /3 bathrooms within walking distance to the tennis courts.  It will have minimum 2 night stay and the whole house booking is $450 per night. The house is not up on the Internet yet, but the owners are happy to take an Easter booking if anyone is still looking.  Please contact Sharlene Waters on  0431705000

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